Texas Triggers is THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING EXPERIENCE. Whether it's recreational marksmen seeking to sharpen their skills in an exciting new way or a corporate group looking for a totally different team building alternative, this all-inclusive adventure offers guests unique access to professional training using an arsenal of the most iconic and impressive firearms ever produced. Once confident and proficient, shooters put their marksmanship ability to the test by competing head-to-head in a gauntlet of dynamic challenges - many featured on History Channel's "TOP SHOT"." 

The Experience
Texas Triggers is not a shooting range. It is not open to the public. It is also not a firearms training school. We don’t hand out graduation certificates. Texas Triggers is an exciting and exclusive opportunity for shooting enthusiasts to get out of the typical indoor gun range and the city to come relax and enjoy the sport of recreational shooting in an authentically intimate setting. Each event is limited to a maximum of 12 guests to insure that each shooter is getting plenty of trigger time and one-on-one training with our qualified instructors. Texas Triggers is located on a private, family owned 1000+ acre ranch nestled on the edge of the beautiful Texas Hill Country just outside the small town of Sonora.

The Ranges & Targets
The Texas Triggers Ranch utilizes three separate shooting ranges with over 300 reactive targets at distances starting at 7 yards and stretching all the way out to 1000 yards. There are no boring cardboard or paper targets here. We like targets that react! Bowling pins, golf balls, soda bottles, shaving cream cans, suspended armored steel, plate racks, dueling trees, vehicles loaded with explosives, and an entire range of self-resetting Larue Tactical Sniper Targets.  If it knocks down, blows up, clangs, goes bang, explodes, or disintegrates on impact… We use it! Not only that, but at each distance we have a matched pair of targets. One is blue and one is red. This, combined with the fact that we have a perfectly matched pair of almost all of our firearms, allows guests to truly battle it out testing their skills head-to-head for all the bragging rights! Texas Triggers truly is designed and built around the competitive aspect of recreational shooting.

Who We Are