Taran Butler
Owner of Taran Tactical Innovations, Taran Butler holds 7 national titles, 3 world titles (USPSA and IPSC) and 18 southwest pistol league championship titles. Taran acquired a Glock of his own and went from unclassified to Grandmaster status in 14 months, making him the first Glock Grandmaster shooter ever in the history of the sport. Taran has been featured as an expert on multiple seasons of History's "Top Shot".

Chris Cerino
Chris is a nationally known firearms instructor, competitor and television personality. Most popular for his appearance on the Top Shot TV competition series he has been training law enforcement officers and military for more than 12 years. Chris has worked in peace keeping positions for municipal, county, state and federal agencies spanning more than 21 years. The majority of those years have been spent in tactical and firearms related fields. Literally immersed in pistol training for years his skills are founded in life experience. Chris is the Director of Training for Chris Cerino Training Group LLC and contracted by several firearms and related companies. He teaches in a “do as I do” fashion favored by students. Chris is a current peace officer and remains immersed in the firearms industry by teaching, competing and working across the nation.

Ryan Cleckner
Ryan served in the US Army as an Airborne Ranger in the 1st Ranger Battalion. He served on a ranger fire team for two years until he made his transition to the 1st Ranger Battalion Sniper Section. He has attended the special operations target interdiction course (SOTIC), Airborne school and Ranger school. Ryan completed multiple combat deployments as a Ranger Sniper and as a Sniper Team leader. Ryan is referenced as a subject matter expert in tactical articles and through his articles on sniper technique. He has been featured as an expert on "Top Shot".
(Watch Ryan hit at 1000 yards with a Barrett .50 cal, standing!)

Derek Easley

​Iain Harrison
Iain is the winner of Season 1 of Top Shot and an accomplished all-round marksman, competing in USPSA, 3 gun and long range precision matches at national level. Prior to moving to the USA, he put his skills to use serving as a British infantry officer where he gained experience in numerous weapon platforms up to and including 30mm automatic cannon. He's currently the Editor in Chief of RECOIL, the groundbreaking firearms lifestyle magazine, where he gets to burn out barrels and break stuff.

Chris LaValley
Chris is currently serving as a Sniper Team Leader for the 143rd Airborne Infantry in the Texas Army National Guard. Chris served six years as a sniper on Active Duty and spent nearly 36 months in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a graduate of multiple sniper schools, to include the prestigious International Special Operations Sniper Course. Chris has worked with special operations snipers from multiple foreign countries; such as the Green Berets, Italian Rangers, Norwegian Jegerkommandos, and Danish SSR. Chris brings a knowledge of both domestic and foreign sniper techniques.

Blake Miguez
Blake is a familiar face to many in the shooting world from his multiple appearances on the hit reality TV show, "Top Shot", on the History Channel. He is the current IPSC World Champion and member of the US National Gold Team. Shooting competitively from the age of 12, Blake has won a long list of State, Regional, National, and World Championship Titles. He has been featured as an expert on "Top Shot".

Craig "Sawman" Sawyer
Craig “Sawman” Sawyer got his start in the U.S. Marines. After a transition to the Navy to pursue a life in Spec Ops, Craig quickly gained combat action while at SEAL Team One, resulting in decoration for “Heroic Service” for his actions in combat. Craig gained qualification and experience as a U.S.M.C. Scout/Sniper , U.S. Navy SEAL Sniper, SEAL Sniper Instructor, and after Operation Desert Storm, was promoted to DEVGRU (now known as the elite SEAL Team 6) where he spent the remainder of his SEAL career as a Sniper. Extensive experience as a Federal Air Marshal Manager and High-Threat Mobile Security Team Leader for the U.S. government in various war zones and international experience in 55 countries rounds out his wide scope of experience. You may recognize Craig most from his appearances as the most frequent “Expert” on all 5 seasons of History Channel's Top Shot, H2’s Top Guns, History’s Sniper: Deadliest Missions, Military Channel’s Deadliest Tech: Spec Ops, or Battleground: Rhino Wars.

Bob Vogel
Robert is a ten year law enforcement veteran. He is an 11- time national champion in IDPA, USPSA and IPSC. In 2008 he became the first police officer ever to win a USPSA handgun nationals. In 2010 he became the first and only person to ever win an IDPA Nationals in all three auto pistol divisions, becoming the only person to earn a 3-time rank of Distinguished Master. He is classified Grandmaster in USPSA as well as an IDPA five gun master. Robert currently holds 58 major championship titles including 2011 IDPA Carolina cup stock pistol champion & high overall and 2011 IDPA indoor nationals enhanced pistol champion & high overall. Robert recently released his DVD Series instructing and training in proper firearms handling. Robert has been featured as an expert on "Top Shot".