Zip Line of Fire -
Featured on multiple seasons of Top Shot, we have taken a great thing and made it even better! With a redesigned trolley, increased speed, and improved firing position, prepare to experience an extreme adrenaline rush once you are harnessed in and take aim though the red dot optic on our full-auto MP5 sub-machine gun. Not only will you be dropping targets while careening DOWN the 385’ cable over water, but our system has the capability of pulling you backward UPHILL even faster - giving you a second chance to re-engage the targets you missed on the way down! But be careful… Your mag only holds 30 rounds of 9mm and ammo management in addition to accuracy is the key to success on this challenge! 

Top Shot Cannonball Run -
Test your accuracy and transition speed with a handgun while engaging 5 targets in an effort to close trap doors and keep the cannon balls rolling down the track! This challenge was actually used on Top Shot!

Baghdad Run -
While riding in moving buggy, engage targets from side to side earning points to decide the winner! 

Top Shot Connect 4 -
Tick tack toe style challenge engaged with varying handguns! This challenge was actually used on Top Shot!  

​​Sniper Shoot Out -
Face off with the PredatAR, OBR and/or M1A and see who can knock down the entire course of fire first! (Watch Ryan Cleckner hit at 1000 yards with a Barrett .50 cal, standing!)  

Gunship Gauntlet -
Soar high above Texas Triggers while engaging multiple targets from a helicopter! 
(Additional fees apply to this challenge.)   

Full Metal Madness -
Engage targets ranging from 50 yards to 400 yards using custom rifles!  

Shooting Galleries -
Dueling trees, plate racks, hostage targets, torso targets, miscellaneous reactionary targets - We have it all!Type your paragraph here.